Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Protect Your Health- Take the Right Steps

It is no surprise that insurance coverage is determined based on one’s health. As such, it is important and beneficial for many reasons, not only including eligibility for insurance coverage, to improve and/or maintain one’s health. Engaging in health-promoting activities and practices can lead to enjoyment, fulfillment, mental and physical stimulation and overall, a more pleasant, healthier and positive lifestyle.

It is true that there are health conditions and illnesses that can occur randomly, at no fault and with no cause. However, there are several practices and activities that can be done to avoid or cope with mental and physical health conditions and illnesses.

The following are some tips/suggestions to protect your health:

Eat Healthy
●     Eat breakfast- A healthy  breakfast is energy-enhancing and metabolism boosting.
●     Eat healthy carbohydrates only - White, pasteurized carbohydrates turn into sugar once digested, and sugar intake is unhealthy. High sugar consumption can lead to conditions such as diabetes. Whole grains such as, oatmeal, barley, buckwheat, etc. are healthier choices.  
●     Control, Control, Control - Portion control is usually the number one weakness that most people struggle with. Give in to your cravings, but do it with control!
●     What to avoid- Any food high in cholesterol, trans-fat, sugar and sodium. Replace these foods with others that are high in protein and low in sugar, sodium and fat.
○     A few tips to lower cholesterol:
■     Avoid saturated fats, eat more fiber, start eating more fish (high in omega-3 fatty acids), switch to green tea instead of coffee, eat nuts
●     Stay Hydrated- Get into the habit of drinking lots of water! Water flushes your system, aids in weight management and curbs your hunger.

Live Healthy- Social Stimulation- Manage Stress
Managing stress is something that most people find challenging. Try to engage in some of these healthy practices to relax, recharge and stimulate yourself:
●     Make some quality time with your family and/or friends - call a friend, play a game!
●     Take some time to engage in your favourite hobbies (dancing, sports, bowling, etc)
●     Go for a walk
●     Take a long relaxing bath
●     Listen to music
●     Volunteer or get involved with a charity or your community
●     Watch a comedic movie
●     Read a good book
●     Catch up on sleep

Feel Healthy- Physical Wellness
Releasing endorphins or as they call it “happy hormones” increase your body’s pain tolerance and is known to heighten mood. Endorphins are released through exercise. Physical activity plays a crucial part in reducing and preventing stress. It also combats health conditions like heart conditions, blood pressure issues, stroke, etc. and helps aid in better sleep. Aim for 30 to 45 minutes of physical activity every day.

By engaging in health and well-being practices such as those listed above, one can help avoid mental and physical health issues and conditions. If you can avoid it, why not try to?

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